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Creatine Gluconate Review

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Creatine Gluconate

Creatine Gluconate is just another one of the many different ways that one can select on which creatine aborption rate is going to be faster for you personally. There is now a lot of money involved as the manufacturers realize the full potential of the creatine market.

To put it simply Creatine Gluconate is essentially a creatine molecule bound to a glucose molecule, which enhances the uptake of the creatine and delivers it to the muscles at rapid speed. The idea was to get creatine to be absorbed into the blood as fast as glycogen gets absorbed.

Creatine Gluconate is a molecule of creatine bonded to a molecule of glucose. When these two molecules are combined, the result is a form of creatine that is absorbed in much the same way as glucose. This means an advanced amount of creatine can arrive at your muscle, increasing all the usual benefits of normal creatine.

Various studies suggest that creatine is best consumed with a fast acting carbohydrate in order to drive the creatine in to your muscle cells. With Creatine Gluconate, the glucose molecules act as your transportation system giving you an increased absorption of creatine in to the muscle.

When Creatine Gluconate is absorbed, it is broken down into creatine and sugar. This in turn drives the creatine and other nutrients directly into your muscles. It maintains all the properties and gives the same benefits found in any other type of creatine, only with a much better absorption rate as its main edge over its counterparts.

Getting as much creatine exactly where you need it has proven results. Creatine helps the body produce greater levels of ATP, which is a chemical required for making muscles contract effectively. Greater levels of ATP can ultimately lead to improvements in strength, power and endurance.

This was proven in a number of different studies but one needs to realize that there seem to be an ever-increasing new awareness about this Creatine, which has so rocked the coaching and training world. The on-going research that is been done is paying dividends.

Creatine Gluconate is being included in more and more creatine formulas because it speeds up absorption. Although it is not yet widely known, it is certainly a form of creatine that is here to stay. But as mentioned above we don't know what the next creatine invention will be.

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