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Creatine Hydrochloride Review

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Creatine HCL

There has been a constant stream of research done since the launch of Creatine in 1993. The first problem was absorption and stopping the estimated 60% loss of available creatine because of the stomach acid. But that was just one of the problems that needed to be solved.

Creatine has been clinically proven time and again to be effective in building strength and muscle. As a result creatine has established itself as the must have supplements for bodybuilders, weight lifters, and other athletes. Constant advancements are being made in the field of creatine research, and one of the upcoming young stars is creatine hydrochloride (HCL).

Creatine HCL is going to make a big difference shown by the results that one gets. The new Creatine HCL is the most soluble form of creatine on the market. As a result, creatine HCL may be far more bioavailable and readily absorbed than creatine monohydrate.

The result of this bioavailability allows more creatine to get through to the blood and that the creatine that you get is now a super concentrated form of creatine, and a much smaller dose is needed to achieve the same effect in regards to strength and muscle gain.

This would be good news for all the many millions of creatine users as taking HCL eliminates the need for cycling completely.

Although uncommon, some people experience mild side effects when using creatine monohydrate, such as bloating, cramping, and frequent urination, etc. These side effects have never been reported to be detrimental to health, but may be a nuisance to some. Creatine hydrochloride (HCL) has been said to eliminate these issues.

Along with no cycling required is the fact that only one gram of creatine HCL is needed per day. To increase absorption it should be taken with a sugary drink just as juice, or as part of a post workout shake. There are also Creatine HCL supplements that one can choose from to get your one gram a day.

Creatine HCL can be found as a stand-alone product which, if you currently do not use a pre-workout formula, can be taken an hour prior to training, to help increase workout potential. The research and development on Creatine continues unabated and will no doubt bring farther changes as time passes.

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Creatine Hydrochloride Review

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