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Creatine Nitrate Review

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Creatine Nitrate

Creatine nitrate is one of the many different creatine products that you can buy and studies show that it works well but you need to drink lots more water than you normally do. The reason why they say you need more water is that Creatine nitrate is known to utilize most part of the body water and may therefore lead to dehydration.

Just like all other Creatine products it has still not been approved by the FDA but that is probably because of the side effects that happen if you take too much Creatine. Various clinical studies have been conducted in the past to check the effectiveness of creatine nitrate over other creatine supplements.

While creatine nitrate showed better results in many cases, the nitrate in it was found to induce reduced blood pressure. These studies also suggested that more intake of creatine nitrate can therefore greatly reduce the blood pressure level in the body.

A study conducted in the Pharmacy Sciences at Creighton University found that creatine nitrate was more soluble in water compared to its prominent counterparts like creatine monohydrate and PH buffered creatine all of which were experimented under room temperature.

Creatine nitrate works as an energy building supplement in the human body and therefore provides stamina and endurance to bodybuilders, wrestlers, weightlifters, and people who are into various sports. It not only helps by creating additional energy but also promotes normal blood circulation throughout the body.

It certainly can be confusing when looking at all the many different creatine products available. It should be noted that there is a lot of on-going research been done on creatine and the scientific community are determined to find a way of delivering creatine in the purest form that they can.

It is probably good to keep up with the latest developments that are happening with creatine. It seems that the absorption rate of creatine once it gets to the stomach acid is something that needs to solved in the best possible way and using the creatine nitrate is just another way of dealing with that problem.

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