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Creatine Pills

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What are the Best Creatine Pills to Take?

With creatine now the top selling supplement for gaining muscle it is little wonder that there are countless choices available on how you want to take your creatine. The problem is that whatever pill you take you want to make sure that it gets into your bloodstream where it can work.

The problem is that for this your stomach acid destroys creatine and it has now been estimated that as much as 66% of the creatine you take is never absorbed. So, once creatine hits the acid in your stomach, the amount that is getting to your muscles is a lot less then you think you are getting.

People thought they could solve this problem by increasing their daily dose of creatine but that has proven to only cause more side effects as your body shuts down its own production of creatine. Side effects from diarrhea to muscle cramps have been recorded because of taking too much creatine a day.

As mentioned above the continuing and extensive research that has been going on looking at the best way to get creatine correctly absorbed has produced some innovative and creative methods of making this fantastic wonder product work better. Keeping creatine monohydrate stable and completely free of toxic conversion was the objective of a product called Kre-AlkalynŽ Creatine which has solved the problem. They have solved the problem by creating the ability to deliver concentrated amounts of creatine without toxic conversion.

Since Kre-AlkalynŽ Buffered Creatine is free of unwanted creatinine conversion following liquid activation, it puts an end to the days of having to saturate your body with huge ten to twenty gram amounts of creatine monohydrate to get the desired strength, endurance and muscle building effects.

There are many different advantages of using this new product and to mention just a few of them they are no loading phase required which makes the use of this creatine a lot less complicated.

Other advantages are that it produces no water retention or stomach discomfort reducing the report of side effects down to practically zero. Probably one of the best part about this new creatine is that is completely sugar free so it will not make you fat.

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