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Creatine Quotes

Creatine Quotes
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Quotes About Creatine Supplements

Here is a collection of quotes about creatine that talk about the effectiveness and safety of creatine supplements for bodybuilding and fitness.

There are some long winded quotes on creatine but the best and the shortest quote seen online is without a doubt something that was written by Jose Antonio Ph.D who said "creatine supplementation is bad for your kidneys," it would be like a rocket scientist at NASA reading "the Earth really is flat."

There are some long quotes that have been published specifically on the results of certain studies that have been done looking at the results a good example is what Rae C, Digney AL, McEwan SR, Bates TC. In 2003 who said. "Oral creatine monohydrate supplementation improves cognitive performance; a placebo-controlled, double-blind cross-over trial." Robinson TM et al said in 2000 that "Dietary creatine supplementation does not affect some haematological indices, or indices of muscle damage and hepatic and renal function". British Journal of Sports Medicine 34: 284-288.

Richter EA. said in 2001 that "Oral creatine supplementation facilitates the rehabilitation of disused atrophy and alters the expression of muscle myogenic factors in humans".

Among the other famous quotes on creatine are also the myths that have been floating around about the effectiveness as well as the correct use of creatine. A good example of this is the quotation of the myth that has now been disproved effectively in a recent study which says: "Don't take your creatine with protein because protein contains glutamine and glutamine which competes with creatine for the same transporter!"

Another good example of the long quotes often seen on the report back of studies done on creatine is the answer received by Dr. Richard Kreider who was responsible for a study on creatine and he released the following quotation on the summary of the study.

"We did several studies back in the mid-90's that measured and monitored injuries, cramping issues, heat illness, fluid shifts, etc. The studies generally showed that there was no negative effect at all from creatine usage or there was a slight hyper-hydration where volunteers had some fluid retention, so core temperature is lower when exercising - a benefit. Athletes using creatine actually had lower instances of cramping."

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