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Creatine Research

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Scientific Research on Creatine Supplements

Creatine research started when it was first discovered in 1832. But the study about the organic acid did not stop and more researches have been made to know more about the benefits and advantages of taking creatine as a supplement.

With all the scientific creatine research made by various independent universities and organizations, it has proved that taking creatine as a supplement can be very beneficial to one’s body. Although it is naturally present in the body, adding more through the help of creatine supplements would not really be harmful in any way as long as it is taken properly.

The studies about the creatine revealed the fact many people will get two to three times more energy in the muscles while using a creatine supplement. This would be very beneficial if you are undergoing strenuous physical training. The more energy that you have in your muscles, the more effort you will get to exert for all your activities. As a result, you will have more strength as well as endurance that would help you build muscles in the shortest possible time. You will get to lift heavier weights because of the extra power that you have in your muscles. In short, the effective workouts that you get from your efforts will become even more productive thanks to the creatine supplement.

According to the different creatine researches, there are also side effects that can be experienced when taking creatine. However, unlike other illegal performance-enhancing drugs like steroids, the adverse effects of taking creatine are only minimal. One of which is the so-called creatine bloating. More often than not, this bloating happens during the first few weeks of using the creatine supplement. The weight gain actually depends on the body of the user. The effects vary since everybody responds differently to water retention caused by creatine.

There are also some reported cases where the creatine has more severe side effects. However, these are considered as isolated cases and most of it was due to improper use of the supplement. That is why it is very essential that you read up on creatine research or two before you try taking the supplement so you are aware of the positive and negative effects of creatine in your body while taking it.

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