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Creatine Serum Review

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Creatine Serum

It all starts and end with the solving of the creatine absorption rate that you have in your body. There have unfortunately recently been some extensive research done on creatine shows that over 60% of powdered creatine gets destroyed by the stomach acid and never goes into the bloodstream.

Creatine is a natural occurring chemical compound produced in the muscles. According to body building supplement providers, using creatine increases muscle explosiveness, strength, speed and endurance, and also provides extra energy to muscles and boosts the regeneration of muscle based compounds.

Research has produced yet another creatine product in order to solve this problem and they have come up with what is known as Creatine serum. This creatine serum is shown to be readily absorbed by the body in significantly less time than the powder.

Creatine is traditionally sold in powdered form as creatine monohydrate but things are changing fast as new ways of improving the absorption rate come onto the market. One of these aggressively marketed forms is "liquid creatine serum", a "100% stable" form of creatine sold in a fancy dropper bottle in various different flavors.

Creatine serum is often marketed as being superior to powdered monohydrate in a variety of ways. As mentioned above it is claimed to be more absorbable, more stable and more effective in the body. On top of this, liquid creatine serum manufacturers often portray powdered monohydrate as having a variety of negative attributes that their serum supposedly does not possess.

But there is also a school of thought in the fast growing creatine market that when you supplement with creatine consistently for a few weeks, your muscles will become fully saturated and that creatine will always be available for use any time you train.

The problem is that when a manufacturer comes onto the market with a new product like creatine serum that often over-sell the product by saying things like "Liquid creatine serum does not cause bloating like regular creatine monohydrate"”. The truth is that regular creatine monohydrate does NOT cause bloating or "puffy" looking muscles as much as many companies claim. It does increase the body’s overall retention of water, but that water is more intra-cellular rather then subcutaneous.

What this actually means is that creatine pulls more water directly into the muscle cell without storing too much additional water directly beneath the skin. If anything, creatine monohydrate will cause you to appear harder and more defined.

Probably the biggest problem with the new and latest creatine serum on the market is that is so expensive. They justify this expense by telling you that you do not need any loading phase and that it is quickly and easily absorbed. But the truth is that taking any creatine product will all eventually create a saturation point where you have all the creatine available that you need.

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Creatine Serum Review

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