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Creatine Supplements Reviews

Creatine Reviews
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Reviews of Creatine Bodybuilding Supplements

Because there are currently countless creatine supplement reviews online it would be best to give a general overview of what these reviews are saying. We see from the overview described below that there is still both good and bad to consider when looking at all the many advantages of taking creatine supplements.

Creatine is an amino acid or chemical that is usually found all over the body and specifically in the muscle fibres. It is manufactured by the body and may also be taken by eating certain foods like fish and meats which are the best sources of creatine. However Creatine can also be made in a laboratory which is what was released in 1993 to the general public.

Creatine is mostly used for strengthening your exercise efficiency and boosting the muscle mass in most athletes including older adults. There have been many different scientific reviews that have conclusively shown that the use of creatine can improve the athletic performance in young as well as healthy people when doing brief high-intensity activity like sprinting or lifting a weight.

It was shown in some recent studies that older adults actually do not seem to benefit. It has been shown now that Creatine does not seem to improve the strength as well as the body composition of both men and women who are over 60 years old. There is however some anecdotal evidence to suggest that it can work in people over 60.

The use of Creatine by professional as well as amateur athletes has now been officially recognized by many well-known athletes like Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa, as well as John Elway. After the discovery that a carbohydrate solution will further increase the muscle creatine levels there have been a lot more creatine sports drinks available which are very popular.

Creatine is also now accepted by the controlling body of the International Olympic Committee as well as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and all professional sports. However, the NCAA no longer allows universities and colleges to supply creatine to their students using school funds.

Students are still permitted to buy creatine with their own money and the NCAA continues to make no plans to ban creatine in any way, unless medical evidence will start to indicate that it can be harmful. But it needs to be noted that with the current testing methods available the effective detection of supplemental creatine in the body is completely impossible.

Creatine is now not only used very effectively to improve athletic performance but creatine is now also used for congestive heart failure (CHF), plus using it for depression, bipolar disorder as well as Parkinson's disease and diseases of the muscles and nerves, plus an eye disease which is called gyrate atrophy. The use of creatine to help reduce cholesterol has also been shown to be effective.

Creatine is also used to try and slow the worsening of the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, plus rheumatoid arthritis and McArdle's disease as well as various other different types of muscular dystrophies. The use of creatine for a range of other problems is always under constant research and investigation.

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