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Creatine Types

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What Are The Different Types Of Creatine Supplements

Even though you should be focused on the main benefit of creatine which is to give you that muscle building and workout energy boost, you might be interested to know that there are actually different creatine types to choose from. Read on to know the various creatine types as well as the pros and cons of each creatine.

1. Creatine Monohydrate the most popular type of creatine. It can only be considered as a monohydrate if the molecule of the creatine is combined with water. At least 12 percent of the total concoction is made up of water and the rest is made up of creatine which makes it one of the most effective creatines in the market. However, a disadvantage that you can get from the creatine monohydrate is bloating because of water retention.

2. Creatine Phosphate if a creatine is bonded with the molecules of phosphate then you can get a creatine phosphate. This should be an ideal supplement that would help the athletes and the sportsmen to meet the demands of an exhausting workouts. However, it is still incomparable to the creatine monohydrate when it comes to being efficient. Moreover, it is also more expensive at the same time.

3. Creatine Citrate because the creatine citrate can be easily dissolved in water, many users opt for this type of creatine instead. Citrine alone can actually energize your muscles, how much more if it is mixed with creatine? But if you would compare it with monohydrate, the creatine citrate has 40 percent less than creatine and is sold at a very high price as well.

4. Creatine Malate this is the type of creatine that is formed when the latter is bonded to the molecules of the malic acid. Many studies have shown that the malate has the biggest potential in giving energy to the muscles out of all the other creatine types.

5. Creatine Ester when an ester molecule binds with a creatine, this type is formed. It was the researchers at the University of Nebraska who first studied about the creatine ester when they mixed alcohol with an acid. According to the recent studies, the creatine ester infuses in the cell membrane efficiently.

Other than the said creatine types, there are also other kinds of creatine that are not commonly used including the magnesium creatine as well as the effervescent creatine.

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