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Creatine with Protein

creatine with protein
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Should You Take Creatine and Protein Together

With Creatine now being the most widely used muscle building supplement there are constantly new studies looking at various different aspects on how to increase the effectiveness of Creatine. The question whether it should be used together with protein has been studied and researched.

It was a study done over a decade ago but the results were showed solid evidence that protein should be taken with Creatine. It was a study done 2001 which was published in the "International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism" specifically looking at the effects of protein taken with creatine.

The six-week study consisted of three groups. One of the groups took whey protein, a second group took whey protein and creatine and the third group took a placebo. The results showed conclusively that there was a greater increase in strength and muscle size in the whey protein/creatine groups compared to the other two groups.

Although it was not studied exactly when and how the Creatine and protein mix should be taken one needs to keep in mind that Creatine helps to boost your energy that you use in your workouts. When you consider the necessary repair to be done to the damaged muscles it is not surprising to see this result in the study.

Creatine is a naturally-occurring amino acid found in certain foods such as meat and fish. But these days with the use of high intensity training to get results it has been a blessing for bodybuilders to now get Creatine as a supplement found in pills, pre-mixed drinks or powder form.

It was accounced recently that the University of Maryland Medical Center, creatine may be able to help strength-training athletes build strength and muscle size faster. It also states creatine may not be beneficial to endurance athletes; however, studies have shown mixed results on this topic.

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Creatine with Protein

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