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Creatine For Women

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Benefits Of Creatine For Women

Men are not the only ones who are interested in gaining strength and building muscles. Believe it or not, there are now more and more women who are becoming fanatics of fitness andbodybuilding as well. That is why the number of women taking creatine is rapidly increasing so that they too can get the benefits of this natural and safe supplement.

More often than not, women opt to use creatine supplements in order to gain shape. Gone were the days that women thought that skinny is beautiful. They now want to have muscles that will show their true body form. Both men and women today consider showing off their muscles and having more mass as part of becoming sexy and attractive to the opposite sex. Other than that, women athletes also opt for the creatine supplement simply because they also want to enhance their energy and their performance.

But even though there are now a lot of women who are using creatine, some are still thinking twice whether to take the supplement or not. They are very conscious if there will be any adverse effects since the hormones of women are very different from the men. Women should not shy away from using the supplement if they are not after muscle gain. Bloating is considered as an insignificant negative effect of creatine. The weight that women would gain while using the energy-enhancing supplement will be due to some water retention but also more muscle mass. As the body becomes used to the existence of the added creatine, the accumulated water will dwindle.

However, those women who do not wish to gain a few pounds you can still use creatine. The trick in avoiding creatine bloat is to prevent yourself from eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates. The sugars that are present in these foods is the biggest factor that can contribute to weight gain especially when taking creatine. Moreover, if the competition is just a couple of weeks away, never eat any junk food or candies claiming that they can boost your energy just like the creatine even if it says "zero fat". It still has high amounts of sugar that will raise insulin which can add up to that unwanted weight gain.

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