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Creatine Workouts

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Creatine Workout Plan

You are using creatine simply because you want to amplify the results that you get from your usual exercise and weightlifting routines. Therefore, in order to maximize the benefits of the supplement, a proper creatine workout is a must.

Your creatine workout is something that you have to do religiously and it can be very strenuous depending on the capabilities of your body. You would notice that the intensity of your training can be twice as hard after taking a creatine supplement for a couple of days. This is because the safe and natural performance-enhancing supplement actually gives your muscle a big boost so that you can work your muscles with much more intensity. Whenever there is so much energy in your body, you will have the drive to lift heavier weights for a longer period time.

But the creatine is not just functional while you workout, train, or exercise. By the time that you would already be exhausted, creatine works overtime by providing your muscles the fast healing that it needs. More often than not, without the use of creatine, it would take a couple of days before your muscles become ready for another round of exhausting exercise. Thankfully, you can start lifting weights again in a matter of day or two and have another workout right away because your body has already restored the muscles that were worn out during your last routine.

Aside from taking the supplement religiously and properly, you should also compliment it by eating foods that can help build more creatine in your body naturally. Other than beef, you may also include fish and foods that are rich in fish oil in your diet as well. This would be very helpful in increasing the amount of creatine in your body while sticking to the recommended dosage of the creatine supplement that you are taking, may it be creatine powder or creatine liquid.

So what would be the best creatine workout plan? Since creatine helps you to lift heavier and also gives you better pumps, the following type of workout plan would give you the best results. For each exercise after a warm up do 1 heavy set of 6 reps, then take off enough weight so you can do 12 reps then take off enough weight so you can do 25 reps. This works all the fiber types and other muscular elements and will result fuller development. Rest no more then 60 seconds between sets.

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