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Cybergenics Back Workout

Cybergenics Back Workout

Try the Cybergenics back workout to build a massive and ripped back for bodybuilding.

Rest periods should be at least 1 minute, but no more the 1 1/2 minutes between sets for the Cybergenics back workout routine.

Close Grip Cable Pulldowns (to the front) 4 Sets of 9-12 Reps
This exercise is great for "jump starting" overall blood flow to the back as well as for building substantial width.

Close Grip Cable Pulldowns (to the front) 4 Sets of 9-12 Reps
This is an excellent exercise for building width in the back, When pulling down remember to arch the back slightly without learning back from the waist, and bring the close grip hand piece down to the bottom of the chest. Always remember that momentum has little worth in bodybuilding - so don't yank the weight up and down. Always use smooth, rhythmic cadence for all exercises.

Seated Cable Rows 4 Sets of 8-12 Reps
For this exercise, use a close grip hand piece for width and mass. This exercise is very similar to close grip cable pulldowns, only in the seated position. Begin by extending forward, for full range and stretch and finish in a perpendicular position with the back arched.

Bent Over Rows (reverse grip) 4 Sets of 9-10 Reps
This exercise is though by many to be the best back exercise for building overall mass,. This may be down by using an Olympic straight bar or smith machine, Remember to keep the knees slightly bent, arch your back (don't round it), keep your torso parallel to the floor and grip the bar at just wider than shoulder width with your palms pointing forward (reverse grip). Proper execution of this exercise will ensure maximum results with minimizing the risk of low back injury.

Hyperextensions 3 Sets of 12-25 Reps
A great way to finish an explosive back workout is want an exercise to build and strengthen the lower back. This will enable your body to handle increase poundage on the bar as well as on your physique, as your strength and weight increase. When doing hyperextensions, concentrate on bending at the lower back rather than at the hip. Weight may be used by holding a plate to your chest or placing it behind your head.

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