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Cybergenics for HardGainers

Cybergenics for Hardgainers Workout Manual

Heavy Duty Hardgainer Workout Plan

Cybergenics for HardGainers is perhaps the most exciting new product Cybergenics has ever developed. Designed specifically for men and women who find it difficult to put on size, Cybergenics for Hard Gainers is a system of specialized training, diet and supplementation.

Cybergenics for HardGainers the senior research staff at Cybergenics attempted to encapsulate the exact methods used by many top bodybuilders to attain the freakish physique standards, which defines the genre today.

Cybergenics left no stone unturned in putting together a system, which meet even the most demanding needs. By carefully following the step-by-step instructions, you can embark on a journey of physical transformation that you never thought possible!

Cybergenics for HardGainers approaches muscle building in a much more methodical way then you may be used to, every element of diet; training and nutritional supplementation is precisely prescribed.

Cybergenics for HardGainers comes with four nutritional supplement formulas that were specifically designed for this program. It also comes with a comprehensive workout and dietary manual. This program is a mirror image of the exact types of programs that many of the world's top bodybuilders use to create their monstrous physiques.

If you are a hard gainer then this system is for you!

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