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Cybergenics Fusion Bodybuilding Supplements

Cybergenics Supplements Fusion

Cybergenics Fusion is a breakthrough metabolic matrix optimizer, with both AM and PM components, for around the clock metabolic enchantment. It includes the uniquely formulated Fusion Activator, which is designed to maximize assimilation of the AM and PM formulas. The Fusion system is intended for the bodybuilder undergoing high intensive resistance training, and is formulated to work along with the natural circadian rhythm to provides certain biochemical factors needed for energy, muscle growth and fat metabolism.

The Fusion AM Formula and PM formula are blends of special metabolic factors that boost the body's anabolic rate, so that growth is encouraged. The Fusion System is designed for individuals who are looking for the greatest gains per workout. Fusion can be used between 60-day cycles of the Cybergenics Total Body Building System.

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