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Cybergenics Infiniti 3000

Cybergenics Weight Gainer

Weight Gainer Bodybuilding Supplement

With Cybergenics Super Infiniti 3000 the mandate to our researchers was clear, develop an anabolic weight gain formula that contain more calories, more protein, more growth factors, and more raw power than any other formula ever developed. One, which contain precise rations of precious growth factors like colostrum, chromium piclinate, chromium polynicotinate and vanadium. One which was extremely low in conventional fats (less than 1 gram per serving), unlike the rest of the fat laden weight gainers, which should be called fat gainers. One which contained medium, and short chain triglycerides which are do blatantly absent from other formulas and so critically valuable in the weight-gain process. This formula would take advantage of technological advance in food technology, nutrition biochemistry, flavor systems and protein synthesis. It would exist in a totally new matrix, being more dense than any other formula and it would contain an amazing 125,00 mg of pure amino acids per serving. It would also contain a patented, state-of-the-art, super proteins which utilize a micro-molecular encapsulation technology. It would contain 365 grams of energizing carbohydrates enhanced by the super nutrient/energy component dahlulin. And of course it would have to be in a delivery system do delicious that you would want to drink it every day.

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