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Cybergenics Protein

Cybergenics Protein Powder

Near Zero Carb Mega Protein Powder

When it comes to protein, quality is of the utmost importance as to how, or even if, it will be used by the body. Most Commercially available protein supplements are critically deficient in terms of protein quality and many times offer nothing in terms of protein nutrition to athletes.

If you take into account the predominance of carbohydrates, fat or non-nutritive fillers, which increase the volume of the serve, but not the nutritional benefits, it becomes obvious that the reason is economics, and not physiology. Cybergenics truly takes protein supplementation seriously.

With Near Zero carb Mega Protein, you are in perfect control of your protein intake irrespective of carbohydrates and fat.

Look at the label - check the carbs to protein to fat. Next look at the protein source. Widely acknowledged as the having the highest bio-availability ratio, pure egg whites provide an all encompassing source of protein and amino acids without the hype and high tech speak surrounding many protein powders, but it is expensive. That is why it appears in such small quantities in other protein supplements. The major difficulty is usually the acceptability of the taste of powdered egg white. Cybergenics research and development into this precise area has resulted in a smooth, delicious tasting product which can be mixed even with water.

Near Zero Carb uses only egg albumen. Egg albumen has been assigned a protein digestibility value (BV) of 97. It is among the protein sources highest in digestibility, which is the measure of amino acid absorption derived from your protein intake.

Near Zero Carb contains almost no carbohydrates, making it the perfect supplement for exact and precise protein supplementation. With Near Zero Carb, you do not have to be concerned with any intake of superfluous, unnecessary carbohydrates and fat. Near Zero Carb contains no sugar and less than one gram of fat per serving.

Near Zero Carb contains only egg white, and a delicious, extremely low fat Dutch Chocolate flavour system free from binders and fillers.

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