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Cybergenics Vortex

Muscle Building needs Amino Acids. The eternal dilemma has been the optimum delivery of the exact ratio required at the time they are needed. Vortex Sustained Release Amino Acids are biochemically designed to provide a steady and continual blood serum level of vital aminos throughout the entire workout and recovery stage, and provide muscle building power more efficiently than conventional amino acids.

Compressed in each tablet of Vortex is 5 years of groundbreaking research by the Cybergenics research team, creators of the Cybergenics Total Bodybuilding System. These latest advances in amino science combined with a unique susteained delivery release system make one Vortex tablet as potent as 2 or 3 of most leading brands. The science that went into this product is an unprecedented breakthrough in amino science technology and its delivery.

It should be no surprise that Vortex Sustained Release Amino Acids, the most advanced supplement of its kind, is the product of the most advanced research company in performance nutrition. After all, at Cybergenics we are always crushing the competition.

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