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The Cybergenics Phase 1 (6 week Program)

Is a fully integrated Program of dietary intakes and training routines that eliminate guesswork and confusion. Using this bodybuilding powerhouse system of diet and exercise faithfully could result in changes llike you could only dream about.


"I accomplished this in the 6 weeks on Phase 1.                    "This system is incredible. I've never

 This system has changed my body, my life, and                       used anything like it. Everyone I

 has helped me accomplish a major goal in my life!"                 know who uses it, loves it. Phase 1

                                           - Troy Bloom                                           is great!"  - Kevin Petermann

Peter and Troy's results do not represent what the typical user might expect to experience.

The program contains 5 technologically advanced nutritional supplements, a detailed program manual explaining dietary and training considerations, and an illustrative DVD Video. This synergistic combination provides an unbeatable matrix of pure body sculpture, whether you are a beginner bodybuilder or just want to develop a smooth chiselled physique for the beach. Phase 1 is ideally suited for both men and women who want to look in seriously great shape. Using the same technology as the Total Bodybuilding System, Phase 1 has changed the lives and physiques of thousands of satisfied individuals

Designed for serious athletes, beginners, and fitness oriented individuals who simply want to look in great shape, Phase 1 can help change the physiques of both men and women alike. Phase 1 is an ideal precursor to the Total Bodybuilding program, providing a solid base for further physique enhancement.

Phase 1 is not currently available, email us below for updates:
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