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Cytosport Vasostat NO Stimulator Review

By Bryan Kernan author of Supplement Secrets

Vasostat is a successfully formulated a Nitric Oxide amplifier that doesn't use L-Arginine. Cytosport, the manufacturer of Vasostat, says that it helps relax and expand blood vessels into an "anabolic superhighway". And it also increases blood flow enhancing oxygen and muscle fuel delivery, while accelerating toxic waste removal.

Vasostat helps with recovery by removing lactic acid and ammonia causing more muscle endurance and less muscle soreness. Cytosport claims that Vasosport is the only NO product that knocks out the enzyme arginase, the enzyme that limits other NO product's effectiveness by 90%.

Vasostat is an excellent product that produces results. You will feel like you're having more intense workouts with bigger pumps. Vasostat is one of those products that you will feel the effects of right away. I wasn't as sore as I usually am the next day after an intense workout. I was actually getting worried that maybe I didn't push myself hard enough but as it turns out it was just the Vasostat was really working. It is probably one of the best recovery product that I have tried up this point. My best friend uses Vasostat now also and he says he rarely ever gets sore anymore no matter how hard he trains.

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Cytosport Vasostat NO Stimulator Review

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