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Dan Lurie News

Dan Lurie, Founder of the Old Dan Lurie Barbell Weights Company in Brooklyn, Publisher Muscle Training Illustrated and Promoter World Body Building Guild.

Dan Lurie, Steve Speyrer, Greg Sushinsky, and Alan Palmieri have signed a partnership agreement to revive Muscle Training Illustrated Magazine (MTI) and the World Body Building Guild (WBBG). Full details are not yet released but each party controls twenty-five percent interest in the venture.

The returning collector’s issue of Muscle Training Illustrated is already in layout and the estimated schedule for release of the first issue is sometime in the spring of 2006. Advertisers with knowledge concerning the project have already made contact concerning rates and availability of placement. In the beginning, MTI will be a quarterly publication being distributed in the spring, summer, fall and, winter.

In addition, the partnership is in the process of preparing to re-launch the World Body Building Guild (WBBG). Plans for promoting quality pro and amateur contests, events, and conventions on a global basis are being formulated. Discussions regarding the possibility of franchise and sanction agreements are also being considered.

Chairman Dan Lurie said; “I’m thrilled and excited about getting things rolling once again.” “It’s nice to hear from so many of my friends who have often encouraged me to crank it all back up.” “I am interested in seeing a quality product and a quality organization.”

President Steve Speyrer added; “We want to offer the sport an alternative. My desire and goal is to take the best of the past and the greatness of the future and present it today.” “Support and interest has far exceeded anything I could have imagined.”

The partnership consists of the following:

Founder / Chairman: Dan Lurie

President: Steve Speyrer

Vice President / Editor: Greg Sushinsky

Vice President Business Operations: Alan Palmieri

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