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Dangerous Bodybuilding Supplements

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You've been warned about the dangers of bodybuilding supplements but don't know which are the safe supplements and which are the dangerous supplements. This article will help you avoid avoid bodybuilding supplements dangers.

Dangers Of Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilders and athletes alike take supplements to increase their muscle mass and give them extra stamina. Unfortunately some supplement companies will sell you supplements that can be dangerous when taken. It is important to know all the ingredients in any bodybuilding supplement. Read the labels carefully before taking anything. The real dangers of bodybuilding supplements is taking new untested or experimental supplements.

Dangerous Bodybuilding Supplements To Avoid

Some of the dangerous bodybuilding supplements can give you quick results, which is why some people use them. However, the risks associated with those particular supplements are just not worth it. Ingredients like ephedrine have been banned by the government, but has recently been allowed back on the market. Ephedrine can lead to heart attack, stroke and a number of other side effects. It is often used as a dietary supplement because it curbs the appetite and provides a surge of energy.

Methyl-1 testosterone is now illegal in the US. This supplement was a popular pro steroid used among bodybuilders who wanted to increase their muscle mass. A feeling of lethargy was the most common side effect. High blood pressure, painful joints and aggressiveness were some other side effects associated with this "supplement".

Usnic acid has been linked to liver damage. Although this dangerous supplement has not been banned by the government yet, it is well on its way. It is commonly used as an ingredient in topical creams or marketed as a fat burning agent.

Hydroxycut has been related to several cases of liver damage and so far, one death. The popular supplement was used to help lose weight and burn fat. The FDA has urged people to stop using the product immediately. The manufacturer has issued a voluntary recall on 14 different version of this particular supplement.

Another supplement called S-Drol, has been voluntarily recalled. It contains desoxymethyltestosterone, which is an unapproved steroid. There have been no reported cases as of yet, but it can cause liver damage. It is best to stick with natural ingredients that have proven the text of time to be both safe and effective. Any supplement should be approved by your physician before taking.

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