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Deer Antler Review

Deer Antler Supplement Information

Immature deer antlers are covered with a soft protective layer of velvet-like skin. The antlers grow and mature to their full size very rapidly, and once at their full size they then lose their blood supply and harden into bone. The Adult male deer then rub their antlers on tree trunks and rocks and other hard surfaces to remove the velvet covering. This velvet is harvested for use for its medicinal properties, mainly as a dietary supplement. Deer antler is humanely harvested. There is no need to harm the animals for this purpose.

Deer antler velvet varies in quality and strength and is clinically known as IGF-1. This label, IGF-1, refers to insulin-like growth factor 1, which is primarily produced in the human liver. Human growth hormone (HGC) diminishes in our bodies as we age reducing the production of IGF-1. Deer antler supplements stimulate the production of IGF-1.

The most popular deer antler velvet product today is in spray form, although it is available in capsule form also. Used for over two thousand years in the orient, deer antler is now regarded as essential for health, energy and well being worldwide.

Deer Antler Side Effects

Some possible side effects from deer antler supplements are hormone sensitive conditions such as breast, ovarian and uterine cancers or endometriosis and fibroids. No other side effects are currently known. There are no drug interactions with deer antler supplements.

Appropriate dosage depends on varying factors such as consumer age and health, medical history and current medical conditions. Manufacturers label their deer antler products with specific dosing instructions according to the strength of the product they produce. Consumers should follow all directions and should always consult their physician before beginning the use of any supplement.

Deer Antler Results

Deer antler velvet is touted to encourage efficient heart function and support glucose metabolism which allows sugars to be more easily metabolized and used for energy production. Deer antler velvet supports a healthy immune system and stimulates nerve damage repair. Deer antler supplements also preserve muscle tissue while encouraging the metabolism to burn fat at a higher rate to promote and maintain healthy body weight. Deer antler velvet is used as a dietary supplement for performance, strength, anti-ageing, arthritis and immune system support.

Deer Antler Supplement Review

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