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Double Helix Water Testimonials

This testimonial comes from a fitness instructor in an upscale gym in Holland who coaches bodybuilders.

As an avid sportsman, itís important to me to recover quickly after a hard workout. As there are so many supplements on the market, I try something new frequently, in order to increase my arsenal of "good" supplements. Until now, the supplements for repair have consisted of regular proteins and their various combinations.

I have experienced very positive results with Double Helix Water, as both a pre-workout and post-workout supplement. As a post-workout supplement, I noticed that I donít have to eat as much after a heavy training session in order to feel satisfied - while normally I would need several servings in order to achieve this. This is probably because the nutrients in the food are absorbed far more efficiently with the help of Double Helix Water. Another improvement when taking Double Helix Water is that I recover enough on the following day to do another workout.

Fitness Instructor

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Double Helix Water Testimonials

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