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Double Helix Water

Information on double helix water

What is double helix water?

It is a newly discovered solid phase of water that remains stable at room temperature. Double helix water contains millions of nanometer sized stable water clusters, which have the form of a double helix. It comes in a highly concentrated form and only a few drops are needed per day.

What does double helix water do for me and how does it promote healthy living?

In clinical studies over the past fifteen years it has been found to stimulate the body’s immune response system. It also helps in repairing the body’s meridian system which triggers a self-healing mechanism and has far-reaching ramifications in the field of medicine.

Who can take double helix water?

It is safe for anyone of any age including animals and has no contra indications with any medications or supplements. It is currently being recommended and distributed by Medical Doctors, Integrative, Naturopathic and Holistic practitioners, as well as Acupuncturists, Chiropractors and Veterinarians throughout the US.

How do I use Double Helix Water?

It should be diluted in the purest water, which is distilled water. Merely add three to four drops of DHW into a six to eight ounce glass of distilled water and drink two glasses a day. It is also recommended to drink an additional glass after exercise to speed up post work out recovery time.

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Double Helix Water

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