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Dwayne Johnson Workout Routine

Dwayne Johnson The Rock Workout

Get Built Like The Rock

Because of the results that were seen by all the trainers that managed to turn Dwayne Johnson from an ordinary man into a beast, it has got a lot of good press lately. It is called "The Rock Workout" which is what we will be looking at a below and breaking up into usable parts.

It goes together with an extreme diet as well which includes eating 7 small meals a day at regular intervals. The success that he got when doing this program was because of the closely monitored and well documented watch monitored by trainers who were insistent that this would work.

It did not consist of anything revolutionary in the exercise world as it is basically made up of correctly using pyramids. This involved always starting his workouts with a higher amount of reps and then slowly increasing the weight while decreasing the reps.

After doing this consistently for a month he would then start from the beginning again doing higher reps but with a heavier weight this time increasing the weight and decreasing the reps slightly each week. The split when training body-parts would always give a day for training arms only.

OK so the basics have been set out on what the objective is so we first need to establish how strong we are and this starts by selecting a weight that you can do 12 reps in good form. If the weight you selected can be lifted with correct form more than 12 times then you need to increase the weight.

Dwayne however had the time and the money to workouts twice a day 6 days a week so he would do cardio in the morning and his weight training routine in the afternoon. His first workout of the week would be a Chest & Shoulder workout that would be done on Monday.

Below you will see the long list of movements that the Rock Workout involves. This is high intensity training which will last more than an hour so you need to get psyched for this workout. During the first week of training he would do 4 sets of 12 reps with each movement listed below.

Monday - Chest & Shoulder Day

Dumbbell Incline press (Both Arms)
Dumbbell Incline press (Alternating Arms)
Chest Flys with Dumbbells (On Bench)
Dumbbell Bench press (Both Arms)
Dumbbell Bench press (Alternating Arms)
Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press
Dumbbell Front Raises
Dumbbell Side Raises
Bent-Over Lateral Raises
Cable Flys (Standing Both Arms)*
Superset each set of Cable Flys with Dips Until Failure

On the second week of the Rock Workout program he would again do 4 sets but this time the weight would be slightly increased so that he can do only 10 to 12 reps with each set. After the second week of doing 4 X 10-12 he would then be on the third week which would again be 4 sets with a little more weight doing 8 to 10 reps on each set.

The fourth week on the first month is what this program is all about as he would now be doing only 3 sets of 6 to 8 reps, obviously with an increase in weight as well, except with Cable Flys where he would be doing more reps with a lighter weight to complete the "pump" effect.

The next day training would be Tuesday and that means Legs & Back. The same sets and reps would apply with a decrease in reps every week and an increase in weight. The cardio is an important part of this so make sure, if you want to follow this program that you can squeeze it in before or after your workouts.

It is very important to note that Dwayne suffered from a knee injury when he was in college and that meant that his trainers could not include squats in his workout. If you are able to squat then you should definitely do squats instead of the leg press listed below on leg and back days.

Tuesday - Legs & Back Day

Seated Leg Presses
Lying Leg Curls
Smith Machine Lunges
Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
Box Jumps (3 x20 reps)
Calf raises (3 x20 reps)
Dumbbell Rows
Lat pull-downs (Wide Grip)
Lat pull-downs (Narrow Grip)
Seated Pulley Rows
Barbell Shrugs (8-10 reps)
Heavy Dumbbell Shrugs (10-12 reps)

It is important to note here that this workout is split into three which are worked twice each week so that means you have to train this program 6 days a week, if you follow the program listed below. After training for a total of four weeks and ending on 6 to 8 reps you would then start at 12 reps again but this time with an increased weight, with a maximum rest of 45 sec between sets.

This is the final workout done on Wednesday for Arms & Abs Day

Triceps Push-downs (Normal Grip)
Triceps Push-downs (Narrow Grip)
Lying Tricep Skullcrushers
Barbell Bicep Curls
Preacher Curls (machine)
Dumbbell Hammer Curls (alternating)
Double Crunches (3 sets x25)
Bicycle Crunches (3 sets x25)
Reverse Crunches (3 sets x25)

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