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North West Nutrition Ecdysterol Supplement

Ecdysterol Ecdysterone

By Bryan Kernan author of Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets Revealed

Ecdysterol Review

Ecdysterol contains a potent blend of all natural Suma extract containing the highly potent compound beta-ecdysterone which is proven to increase protein synthesis and recovery time from intense aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Ecdysterol should be used in conjunction with a high protein diet and vigorous training routine for maximum results. Ecdysterol can be used in conjunction with a bulking diet for adding some serious muscle mass, or Ecdysterol can be used during a cutting cycle to help prevent catabolic wasting of muscle tissue. During a calorie restricted diet the athlete can shed body fat while keeping their hard earned muscle, resulting in that hard, ripped and shredded look.*

WARNING: Ecdysterol is a truly potent, natural compound. Ecdysterol will work only if enough proteins are supplied in the diet. The athlete will need to be consuming at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. When bulking and increasing muscle mass, the athlete will also need to consume a large amount of calories throughout the day to supply the body with enough energy to produce gains. When dieting while maintaining muscle tissue the process must not be a rushed one, but a steady pace of progressive caloric restriction. To obtain successful results while dieting with Ecdysterol, protein intake must still be high throughout the day with a reduction in the amount of calories coming from fat and carbohydrate sources. Ecdysterol becomes even more potent if combined with creatine monohydrate because it causes the muscle cell to absorb substantially more nitrogen, ATP, and glycogen, creating an ultra anabolic effect so many athletes seek.

Our formula allows a safe way for athletes to build muscle mass fast without using anabolic steroids. Ecdysterol used to be the best kept secret for natural athletes and bodybuilders to gain muscle. Now the secret is out and every athlete can use this healthy, safe product to gain muscle mass and dramatically increase endurance.

Ecdysterolincreases the rate at which transfer RNA moves amino acids to the parts of the cells called ribosomes, where they are assembled into proteins. This increases the production rate of protein without harmful effects. By contrast, synthetic anabolic steroids increase the rate at which the cell nucleus encodes instructions on messenger RNA, which determines the sequence of amino acids that are assembled at the ribosomes. This step appears to be more sensitive to disruption, and if one has a hormonally sensitive cancer, steroids can increase the rate of cancer growth.

    1. Ecdysterol is associated with an increase in the formation of glycogen, the muscles reserve fuel.

    2. Ecdysterol is a associated with an increase in pyruvic acid, which can be converted to adenosine triphosphate (ATP), or usable energy.

    3. Ecdysterol increases muscle mass via increased protein synthesis.

    Animals forced to climb an endless rope in experiments kept going up to 32% longer than controls with a single dose of Ecdysterol. On the other hand, when Ecdysterol was divided into several doses throughout the day, the animals kept going 63% longer than controls.

    In people over 20 years of age, Ecdysterol was shown to be comparable to the synthetic anabolic steroid Dianabol for increasing protein synthesis, muscle tissue, and physical endurance. In people 14 to 20 years old, Ecdysterol was as potent as Dianabol for increasing muscle mass, and more potent for increasing physical endurance and stamina according to research conducted in the Soviet Union.

In conclusion, Ecdysterol is a truly powerful, yet healthy supplement for building muscle mass, strength and endurance, which can be used instead of anabolic steroids.

In addition to increasing protein formation in the cells, Ecdysterol improves liver, kidney, heart and muscle function, muscle size and physical performance.

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Ecdysterol is a natural alternative to steroids which can be utilized instead to build muscle mass. Anabolic steroids can help athletes build muscle fast, but they also can cause some serious side effects. Steroids cause muscle cells to store more nitrogen, water, etc. resulting in a quick recovery from exercise and allow for a fast increase in muscle mass. Steroids for years were thought to be the only way to build muscle mass, until now. Ecdysterol is an all natural, extremely potent product which can help athletes, bodybuilders, etc. build muscle without using anabolic steroids.

Ecdysterol Testimonial

"I have been using Ecdysterol for 16 weeks now and have gained 30 pounds which appears to be mostly muscle. I just wanted to let your company know that this product rocks, it helped me gain more muscle in 16 weeks than I have been able to gain in 3 years. Now that I have put on some size and I'm planning on dieting down to about 8% body fat and I'll definitely be using Ecdysterol to help save my muscle while I'm losing fat. I'll also be sending you before and after pictures of myself after I've finished.. Thanks"- Eric T.

Ecdysterol Ingredients

700mg active ingredient per capsule

Suma (pfaffi paniculata) Extract: Suma, also known as Brazilian ginseng is one of the most highly regarded herbs from South America. It is native to the mid-Atlantic forest region of the Sao Pualo and Rio de Jeneiro states. Suma is a ground covering vine with an intricate and deep root structure. It is considered to be a true adaptogen, and has been used by native people for centuries. In the past two decades a great deal has been learned about the phytochemistry and pharmacology of Suma and its constituents.

Where to Buy Ecdysterol For Sale?

Sadly Ecdysterol is longer available. But you can still get an ecdysterone supplement that is just as good if not better, checkout Ecdy-Bolin.

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