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Ecdysterone for Bodybuilding

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The clinical research that has been done on both Beta Ecdysterone and 20-hydroxyecdysone seem to differ some from each other and Beta Ecdysterone shows much better results for muscle gain and fat loss. In fact it has been conclusively proven that it speeds up protein synthesis.

But that's not all as it is able to act as a very effective antioxidant and also can increase the control of blood sugar levels in humans very well. The effective use comes with around 5mg of Beta Ecdysterone per kilogram of bodyweight.

From 1976 to 2005 the anabolic effect of ecdysterone was well proven in rats and only after 2005 a clinical study was first done on humans. This first study was done over 12 weeks and the results were very impressive showing that when the volunteers took Beta Ecdysterone they increased their lean muscle mass by 6-7% and decreased body-fat by 10%.

A farther study that was done in 2002 showed that it was able to effectively control the rise in blood sugar levels and therefore a great supplement for type II diabetics. The same study also showed it to contain an adaptogen and antioxidant properties and used effectively for anti-tumour in those suffering from the growth of a tumor.

Bodybuilders often call ecdysterone "bug-juice" as the theory is that insects have it in their system and if we could be proportionally half as strong as an ant for example we would be able to toss a car like a baseball. The reason why we have not seen ecdysterone on the market even though it was discovered 30 years is because of the high cost of extraction.

The Russians where the first to extract ecdysterone but it was extremely expensive at $20 000 a kilogram. This process of extraction has now been perfected and that is why the product is now available on the market for bodybuilders at an affordable price.

With well over 50 different clinical studies done on ecdysterone it has been well-proven to have a major effect on muscle gain. Also showing an increase in endurance, stimulating the metabolism, improving nerve function and reducing fat.

One study that was done showed that all the volunteers showed an improvement in all their bodily functions including the brain and the liver and the speed and efficiency at which they work. The same study also showed that it enhances Erythropoiesis which is the development of the important mature red blood cells called erythrocytes.

Showing no side effects in both men, women and even teenagers is also shows no virilisation and no increase in the conversion of testosterone into estrogenic compounds. The study showed no liver toxicity, no high blood pressure and no testicular shrinkage.

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