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Ecdysterone Info

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Beta Ecdysterone Information

Ecdysterone can be confusing to understand when one considers the way that it works naturally in insects, shell-fish and plants. It has been conclusively proven to have a positive effect on humans and is called "bug-juice" by bodybuilders for a good reason.

The main reason is that it directly effects the bugs that attack plants and the plant has created a way of protecting itself from this onslaught of bugs and insects by acting as an insecticide and effecting the natural development of the insect. The similar effect is also seen in all shell-fish and other animals like snakes who are able to remove their exo-skeleton.

Although bodybuilders are only interested in the anabolic effects that ecdysterone offers it also can have a dramatic effect on the stomach and digestive system of humans by offering a gastro-protective effect. It also can positively affect the maintenance of sugar levels and work as an antioxidant.

Another additional benefit to humankind is the suppression of the neurodegenerative processes that occur in the brain and the nerves of humans. Ecdysterone has also had a positive effect in the prevention of all cardiovascular diseases, which when added to the improvement in blood sugar control has made an enormous contribution to medicine.

Ecydsterone is under constant and continued study in order to establish the true long-term use of this product with well over 50 expensive and very thorough clinical studies done to date. The effect on the anabolic system generally have so far been well documented and recorded.

From increasing the speed of metabolism and protein synthesis to increasing the amount of fat lost in any person that takes 5mg per kilogram of bodyweight. In addition the long list of internal organs that are positively affected by taking ecdysterone. It also does not have any anabolic side effects like the increase in estrogen production.

This negative estrogenic activity that it shows is a major plus when it comes to comparing it to any and all androgenic like substances including steroids. The resulting anabolic effect that this product shows in clinical studies makes it a step above all other androgynous substances that are taken to promote the anabolic effect.

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