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Ecdysterone Results

ecdy bolin
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Beta Ecdysterone Results

Ecdysterone is a controversial subject whenever it is added to a conversation with athletes. It is more about the lack of specific performance enhancing studies that have been done over the years than the positive results achieved by certain athletes who take the supplement on a regular basis.

One can read online at any bodybuilding forum to see the rave reviews and the results of the uses of this product posted on a regular basis. This non-specific and anecdotal proof that it works does not prove that it works, however as there is not much hard evidence that it will improve the amount of muscle gain and fat loss.

Most of the 50 different clinical studies that have been done on Beta-ecdysterone and other ecdysterone derivatives concentrate on the medicinal benefits that one can get from taking this supplement. There has been no published study done in the USA that specifically looks at the improvement in the performance of an athlete when it comes to taking ecdysterone on a regular basis.

The reviews seen online include some very interesting benefits when taking this product. A good example is the many different reviews seen online that rave about the fact that when taking ecdysterone their skin clears up and acne is reduced substantially.

Another unusual or unexpected review explains about the dramatic improvement in endurance and the increasing of VO2 Max. This makes sense physiologically when we think about how this product works by increasing the contractibility of the muscles and therefore will increase the amount of blood/oxygen that the muscle gets.

There are some reviews online that explain that it can be used effectively as an anti-inflammatory and often results in less pain when dealing with an injury. Along with the overall increase in metabolism that ecdysterone offers it continues to get rave reviews about the fat loss benefits.

There are people online that are completely convinced that the launch of Beta-ecdysterone onto the market will have the same drastic effect on its users that the release of creatine did in the 1990's. Basically improving the anabolic environment in which the body exists that enables the breakdown of fats and the increase in protein synthesis.

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