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Ecdysterone Studies

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Ecdysterone Clinical Studies

Ecdysterone is not a new discovery as it was originally discovered by the Russians in 1936 who found it very expensive to extract from the plants and the insects which had the ecdysterone naturally inside them.

Research continued and the west became more interested in the claims the Russians were making. The studies that went into the effectiveness and the extractability of ecdysterone where often done on rats and dogs with positive results. It was only in 2005 when there were live human volunteers that the truth started to come out about ecdysterone.

The extraction problem was solved as they found a way to re-create the ecdysterone in petri dishes in the laboratory, which was a major break-through and resulted in ecdystoreone becoming freely available for study. The first objective was to establish what benefits it would have for humans and if the benefit seen in rats and dogs was similar in humans.

The result was astounding as more and more studies where being done on ecdysterone after 2005. The true anabolic effect seen in rats and dogs with the increase in muscle mass after regular exercise was well documented. But science was more interested in the medical benefit of ecdysterone.

This has now been conclusively proven in over 50 different studies to be an improvement on the control of sugar levels, an increase in the protection of the digestive system, which is called the gastro-protection and finally conclusive proof that it will have a direct effect on the suppression of all neurodegenerative diseases, which was a major break-through.

Naturally bodybuilders were only interested in the anabolic effects of ecdysterone and studies have proved that it works. One clinical study showing a rather dramatic increase in muscle mass in 12 weeks of 6% to 7% and a decrease in fat at the same time of 10%.

This makes this "bug-juice" something very valuable to the average bodybuilder trying to gain muscle and lose fat. The best part is that the mild androgenic effect that this has does not produce any production of estrogen. This means that the resulting increase in testosterone that you get from taking ecdysterone will not have any negative side effects similar to taking steroids or other androgynous substances.

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