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Ectomorph Bodybuilding
Bulking For Ectomorphs

If you find it hard to gain weight and build muscle easily, then you're an Ectomorph. Ectomorph's have an extremely high metabolic rate which makes it a challenge for them in the weight room and at the dinner table.

Has trouble gaining weight
Muscle growth takes longer
Flat chest
Delicate build

Ectomorph's can eat basically whatever they want and still find it hard to gain weight and build muscle. Since their metabolism burns calories at a high rate, they need to eat a lot more than the average person. If you're an ectomorph, try to eat at least 5 meals per day. Try to eat a high protein shake when you wake up and right before you go to bed. Weight training is also extremely important. Don't workout everyday and keep your aerobic and cardio workouts to a minimum.

Ectomorph's should stick with 3-4 mass building exercises which workout the major muscle groups, like your chest, arms, and legs. Be careful not to overtrain! Many Ectomorph's think the only way to "catch up" to others that are much bigger and stronger is to workout for hours a day. Keep your workouts to 45 minutes to an hour, max. Get in the gym, do your thing, and get out! Ectomorph's should do around 10-12 sets for larger body parts and 6-8 for smaller ones. Your last 1-2 sets should be performed to failure, meaning workout until you can't lift the weight(s) again.

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