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Ephedra Supplements

Bodybuilding Supplements Ephedra

Supplements with ephedra have been the subject of much controversy lately in the media. The FDA would love to pull the products from the shelves, but I don't think they are going to have to. Manufacturers are doing it voluntarily. The liability insurance premiums are getting too high for them to justify carrying the product line.

I was really surpised when a leading brand like Sporpharma's thermadrene was switched to an ephedra-free formula. I wasn't surprised that they offered an ephedra-free product for people who are sensitive to ephedra, but rather that they dropped the original formula altogether. I was told that insurance was the culprit. Now a worldwide nutrition leader, Optimum Nutrition, is no longer manufacturing any products with ephedra in them. Again, insurance is the reason. If a company the size of Optimum Nutrition makes a call like this, how long is it before the smaller companies like MuscleTech, ISS Research, and Cytodyne decide to do the same thing? I think not long. Twinlab might be the gunslinger before long, and sooner or later, they'll probably have to drop the controversial ingredient from their line also. My prediction is that by the middle of next year, all ephedra based products will be gone from retail shelves.

The sad part to this story is that millions, and I mean close to 20 million plus, americans are enjoying the benefits of ephedra based products. They are great for energy and fat burning. I have personally been using them for over 10 years with no negative side effects. I do cycle off them for 2-4 weeks after using for 4-6 weeks. At least the nutrition industry is finding new ephedra-free fat burning supplements to replace the ephedra based products. Thermadrene XP, Beta3, T2 Pro, and Guggulbolic all help the fat burning process without ephedra. We'll see what happens, but I think it is merely a matter of time at this point.

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