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Natural Female Bodybuilding Supplements

female bodybuilding supplements

There are experts in bodybuilding that agree female bodybuilders need supplements more than male bodybuilders. The reasons why they say this is female bodybuilders are competing against the body's physical demand for a higher body-fat than male bodybuilders.

Obviously a female bodybuilder training to put on muscle does not produce enough testosterone to sustain this muscle growth and they need extra supplements to enhance the muscle building effect. Simple nutritional requirements like adding amino acids to the daily diet can make a big difference.

Female and male bodybuilding is all about learning about your body and knowing how it will react to changes in diet, supplementation and training. It is a learning curve that never ends with only the top ten bodybuilders really understand exactly how their bodies will respond to any alteration to a routine.

There are very good fat burners that are popular with female bodybuilders, some being more effective than others. It is recommended that you understand the mechanism that the fat burner uses to increase metabolism and burn more calories. This will help you understand what your body responds to and how to adjust it.

Products like Ecdysterone have proven themselves to increase protein synthesis and speed up muscle repair. The real chemical doing the work is actually 20-hydroxyecdysone and is found naturally in herbs offering so no side effects. It is called a phytochemical because it is naturally occurring and is found in two types of herbs, Cyanotis vaga and Rhaponticum lauzeae.

Creatine supplements have proven themselves but female bodybuilders need to stay away from any creatine product that might produce bloating or not get maximum absorption. Products like Kre Alkalyn Creatine should be used to avoid this and get the best results from Creatine supplementation.

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