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Fitness Health, Nutriton and Weight Loss Quiz

Test your Nutritional Intelligence

Answer True or False to the Following Questions:

1. Following a menu plan makes it easier to lose weight.

2. Skipping meals can help me to lose weight.

3. Supplements are more effective when taken throughout the day.

4. Metabolism is the conversion of fat to muscle.

5. Eating smaller meals more often speeds your metabolism.

6. Eating even small amounts of fat is bad.

7. White meat chicken, turkey, and tuna are all high in protein and low in fat.

8. Drinking less water will help me to lose more weight.

9. Before breakfast and after dinner are the best times to exercise.

10. Eating fruit speeds weight loss.

11. Avoiding salty foods and not using the salt shaker promotes weight loss.

12. Dairy products are high in sodium.

13. You need to become a vegetarian to lose weight.

14. To lose weight, you should avoid all carbohydrates.

15. Caffeine speeds up the metabolism.

16. Keeping your goal in mind may be the most important step for success.

How well did you do?

1. (T) Following a menu plan allows you to stay on track and keep an eye on how much you are eating through the day.

2. (F) Skipping meals actually teaches your body to store fat when you need it. Eating small amounts often is much healthier.

3. (T) Taking supplements throughout the day ensures your body is provided with the nutrients it needs at the appropriate time.

4. (F) Metabolism is often refered to as the body's engine. it is the rate at which the body burns calories.

5. (T) Eating often throughout the day keeps your body working hard.

6. (F) Some fats can actually be benefical to your body. Absolutes are never good!

7. (T) If you want to eat healthier turkey, chicken and fish are your best sources of low fat protein.

8. (F) Water, water, water ... all day long, don't wait to become thirsty.

9. (T) No matter what time exercise is great, but the optimal times are before breakfast and after dinner.

10. (F) Fruits are actually simple carbohydrates which don't require much effort to digest, so they are not a great food for weight loss concerns.

11. (T) Salt causes water retention and 'under the skin' bloating. Avoid at all costs.

12. (T) Surprizingly enough this is true, dairy products are high in sodium.

13. (F) No way! Vegetarians eat a healthy diet, but non-vegetarians can lose weight just as easily.

14. (F) Carbohydrates are considered the body's energy source so avoiding them is not recommended. Instead, keep track of how much and when you eat them.

15. (T) True, it is good to enjoy a cup or two of java, but don't over do it.

16. (T) Give yourself something to reach for and you just might find it in your grasp!

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