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Fizogen On Cycle Off Cycle

Introducing the two most powerful legal supplements ever to hit the bodybuilding industry. These products are revolutionary in their ability to be taken year round in a continuous cycling pattern. Intense muscle growth is experienced when taking ON CYCLE™ or OFF CYCLE™, and when combined, the results are nothing short of extraordinary. Imagine continuously adding pounds of muscle mass, month after month, and year after year. The muscle size, strength, and extremely ripped conditioning experienced from The Continuous Cycle™ may prompt your friends to stare at you in amazement and leave your gym buddies puzzled with jealousy at how your muscles always stay so massive and rock hard. Just picture the results of a safe and powerful anabolic cycle that you never have to stop taking and that keeps continuously building huge, shredded muscle mass!

Fizogen Reviews

The only significant opinion I have had is from a credible personal trainer that I know personally. He, along with another guy I know, have been strength training for some time and took a course of the Fizogen about 8 months ago. He was ecstatic about the results, and is noticeably bigger.

Me and a friend have both been seeing similar gains but my friend decided he wanted more. After looking around and reading "reviews" he decided to do a cycle of On/Off Cycle (by Fizogen?). Nothing else was changed, his diet & routine remained the same. He took the pills, I did not.....2 months later what were his results? He gained LBM!!!! How much did he gain you ask? About the same as me (and about the same as he had gained in the same time period without the magic pill). So, he spent $$$ on pills that got him nothing he wasn't getting without them.

I've gained about 8 lbs. Strength has definitely improved. For instance, before I was doing bench sets of 170x10, 180x8 (7?), 190x6 (5?). Wednesday I did 175x10, 185 x 8, 195x6, 205x4. Saturday I did 185x10, 195x9, 205x7, 215x4. Whether this is the Fizogen or just increased calories/carbs is difficult to say for sure. Other exercises have similar increases. Most have told me that the ph takes a while to start achieving full effectiveness, so if the gains continue or accelerate from here I will probably credit it. If I add 20-30 lbs to my sets across the board, that will be a personal best. My max bp ever is 265, and that was 6 years ago. No noticeable side effects, except maybe sleeping a little more than usual.

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