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Forskolin Review

By Bryan Kernan author of Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets Revealed

Forskolin Benefits Bodybuilding

Forskolin is the name of a substance that derives from a plant source and has become a fat loss rage due to promotion by Dr. Oz. Forskolin can be used to help out with skin conditions, allergies, and many other health issues, but Dr. Ozís audience was most interested in the fat burning properties.

Metabolic Tool

Dr. Oz and guest speakers noted that forskolin was a fat burning tool that really cranked up the metabolism. Forskolin produces a more powerful heartbeat than normal, and that may be one reason for the increase in metabolic activity.


Forskolin also is said to break down the stored fats in the body, helping more quickly remove them than normal. But of all the factors in favor of forskolin, the one that most bodybuilders may want to pay attention to is that studies showed it increased testosterone significantly.

The dual effect of elevated testosterone and burning off fat makes forskolin a formidable supplement option. You have to take what Dr. Oz says with a grain of salt since he often promotes various products enthusiastically, but this particular product deserves more attention than usual due to the dual effects it can provide.

Since it is relatively new for bodybuilding use, it would be wise to ease into it since the long term side effects are not well known. So don't go overboard but if you want to give a potential powerful new option an opportunity, forskolin is a good choice to try out.

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