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Powerclean Technique

Re: Powerclean Technique

Posted by: todd (pesci911@hotmail.com)

Ok. i play football at umass amherst, and ill break down the powerclean for you:

1. Bar is on the floor. take a shoulder width grip on the bar. bend down, but try and bend your legs as much as possible. stick your chest out, like your were "At-attention" in the military.look slightly up.

2. Start to pull. Initiate thepull by exploding your hips up as fast as possible. the clean starts with the hips. if you dont explode them fast, youwont make the lift.

3. as the bar is passing by your mid thigh, begin to shrug your shoulders adn go on your toes. imagine sticking htem in your ears. start pulling the bar up with your biceps, too, but NOT BEFORE YOU SHRUG YOUR SHOULDERS. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

4. as the bar gets to chest level, begin to dip under it. thats very important. try and catch the bar on your upper chest.

5. stand up. your done

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