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Scared of taking creatine

Posted by: John

I have a question to ask about myself. You know I just started training 2 weeks ago and I gotta say at first it was brutal for me and I know that is just natural. Anyhow my problem is the sore muscles I get after my workouts. And when I talk about it with my trainer he said "you should use creatine supplements". I freaked out when he said that, but he said "it is natural for body building pros to use supplements". My question is this: Can I get rid of my muscles weakness with out these supplements? Is there any alternative workout or diet for me to use?

Thank you and sorry if this become so long.

Best wishes,


Re: Scared of taking creatine

Posted by: Paul

Hi John,

First I have to say there is really nothing to be scared of concerning creatine, it is a substance that is naturally found in our bodies, and in a alkalized form such as in Pumped Creatine Kre Alaklyn Creatine it is very safe and effective.

But with that what said you don't necessarily need supplements to make progress, they just help you make faster progress.

Getting too sore means you are doing too much or working too hard too soon, you should break into your workouts more gradually and you will not get overly sore muscles.

Getting stronger take time, I am sure after a few months have passed you will be surprised at how strong you are getting and how your body is shaping up.

I hope this helps,


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