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Heavy Duty training works

Posted by: Eddie

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your articles on Mike Mentzer and Heavy Duty high intensity training, they are very helpful.

I have been a " hard gainer" until now, but after year of training and having very little real results, I tried Heavy Duty. Well I have seen some great progress! After just one or two workout I have had better results than I have had in years of volume based training.

Thank you to you and to Mike Mentzer, you are on the right track. Keep up the good work and maybe save other trainers from wasting years of their lives doing long mindless workouts.

Thank you,

Greg from South Africa

Re: Heavy Duty training works

Posted by: Paul

I'm glad you liked the articles.

I get asked all the time "Does heavy duty training work?", the answer as you now know is - yes it really works.

You should learn as much as you can to get even better results, be sure to read Mike's books and also get his workout DVD, it's just like having Mike Mentzer as your own personal trainer.

Checkout Mike Mentzer Workout Video



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