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bodybuilding and shift work

Posted by: Buddy

I work a shift called the "southern swing". I work 7 midnights (10:30 pm-06:30 am) and get two days off. Then it's 7 evenings (2:30-10:30 pm) and get one day off. Then it's 7 days (06:30 am-2:30 pm) and get 4 days off. Then start midnights all over again. This is the very best way in the world to end up eating one meal a day, and then going to bed immediately after eating. Throw in a little overtime every now and then and any sort of PT goes right out the window. Not making excuses, just need some help getting beyond this crappy schedule. Another question I have is how to take the 24 hour periods meals and divide them into 6 equal parts. I understand the need to eat often, but don't really know how to divide a whole day's meals into 6 equal portions. And my biggest problem is portion control. I have got to get myself back into my early-army shape, but need some help and motivation. Thanx in advance for your help.



Re: bodybuilding and shift work

Posted by: Paul

This can be difficult but can be done, what you have to do is first pre make you meals in advance, then no matter what time you wake up that's breakfast time, so eat breakfast. Then take you pre made meals and snacks to work and eat about every 3 hours.

Also if you end en too tired after work to train, then you should do your workouts before work, not long workouts but 30 to 45 minutes of high intensity weight training will do the trick.



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