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Ecdysterone food sources

Posted by: John


I have been reading about ecdysterone for bodybuilding, it seems to be a natural herbal steroid that helps muscle building as well as fat loss and doesn’t have any side effects. This all sounds great to me, I was wondering if beta ecdysterone is found naturally in any foods?

Re: Ecdysterone food sources

Posted by: Paul

Yes, ecdysterone is very popular these days because people are seeing good results using it with no negative effects.

As a matter of fact there are some food sources that contain beta ecdysterone or 20-hydroxyecdysone:

There is ecdysterone in spinach (I guess Popeye was right), and you will also find ecdysterone in quinoa.

Both of those are really good, healthy foods for bodybuilding to begin with, and the fact that they contain this natural plant sterol is a big added bonus.

The only problem is you would have to eat bushels of them to get enough ecdysterone To see any good results, which is why people use supplements.

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