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Low weight high reps benefits

Posted by: Vino

Dear Mr. Becker,

I have a fitness tip to submit:

When working out with weights, either free weights or Nautilus-type machines, work out with low weight and many repetitions, 25-50 with multiple sets. This technique will enable you to build lean muscle and is healthy for the heart. Low weights are better for the heart because of lower tension on the heart muscle. Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) develops when the heart has been contracting against high muscular tension for a long time. High diastolic blood pressure is related to LVH.

Working out with lower weight results in less tension on the body including resistance against which the heart is pumping. The philosophy can be applied to working out the chest, biceps, thighs, triceps, shoulder, back, and calves. Isometric exercises of low free weights or Nautilus-type exercises with many repetitions and multiple sets should be the goal.

I enjoy reading your newsletters. Thank you for your knowledge.


Vino C. Mody Jr., M.D., Ph.D., CPC-A, CNPR, CRMC

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