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Bodybuilding with crohn's disease

Posted by: Joshua

I'm in a bit of a unique situation, but maybe you guys can help? So long story short I have a genetic condition called Crohns. I have a unique varient of it that causes my body to overproduce testosterone levels to make up for my lack of calorie absorbtion. I have made a lot of milestones with weightlifting despite Crohns. For example I am the first person since the discovery of Crohns 30 summod years ago (and subsequently being put on a perm disqualifying list of conditions for the military) to graduate basic training and maintain high 90% in my pt testing. I also gained 40 pounds of muscle in the 8.5 weeks I was in basic, only doing 3 days of weight lifting pt a week. Going from 130 to 170 pounds. I have lost some body weight though due to an injury I sustained in active duty.

At the gym my squats are a 1:1 ratio to my current body weight of 145. My back extentions are at 280, my leg presses 160, my rows are at 320, ect. A recent blood test at my pcp showed my t levels to be similar to someone taking anabolic steriods on a constant basis, but that just my natural t levels. My dr says I should look into body building on a higher level to take advantage of all my testosterone in my body.

Overall the point is to present myself as a unique prospect to sponsor because I see myself as setting weight records as a Crohns patient, and i could provide valuable exposure of possible sponsors to the Crohns world, where the norm in life is a sedentary lifestyle with barely any exercise. My Dr has cleared up me to aggressively work out, and would like me to be an example to other Crohns patients and show them what is possible with the correct workouts and nutrition.

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