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Bodybuilding and Fitness eBooks Private Label Resell Rights

Posted by: Paul

Looking for private label ebooks with resell rights?

You can have your own profitable workout and diet ebooks without having to create them from scratch yourself.

We have some great new ebooks on the subject of bodybuilding, muscle building, fitness, health, home workouts, getting six pack abs, etc. These are not the same cheap ebooks that you will see being sold everywhere, they are in fact high quality ebooks written by bodybuilding and fitness professional authors.

When you buy the rights to any of these ebooks you can edit them any way you want, you can add your name or your company name as the author, add your website address to drive your customers back to your website, add affiliate links for extra income, etc.

After you have made any changes you want you can then resell them to you customers and keep 100% of the profits on each and every sale you make for as many years as you stay in business.

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