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High protein drinks for weight loss

Posted by: PFB

Q. What's the 411 on super high-protein diets for weight loss? I'm hearing amounts like 500+ grams per day.

A. Increasing protein on a low-calorie diet is an ass-backwards way to supply energy calories without raising insulin levels. It's not so much the higher protein levels contributing to diet success but the reduction of dietary carbohydrates. You could replace most of the excess protein with dietary fat and achieve the same results. I've found that high carbohydrate diets and low calories don't do well with dieters who are already below 15% bodyfat and traveling down to single-digit fat percentages. That doesn't mean the carbs should be replaced with mostly protein. Fat works better because all the calories are usable energy calories. Dietary fats should be solely judged on quality, not quantity.

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