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Bodybuilding and digestive problems

Posted by: PFB

Q. I have suffered horrible digestive problems that have ruined my workouts. In fact you would never guess that I have worked out hard for 11 years. Fats rot and come out in my stools undigested, protein putrifies, and fruits ferment. I have never been a carb tolerant person, and rarely eat starchy carbs. CDSA revealed a 2plus candida count, none of the three stools showed parasites, one stool showed blastocistis hominis. I also had high levels of inflammation. An endoscopy showed paralyzed stomach gastroparesis. My entire body has suffered for the last two years. Holistics keep dwelling on cleanses and trying to kill but nothing has worked. I tried the Arise and Shine internal cleanse and that just shut down my system. How do you completely rebuild the digestive system? Oh by the way the enzymes and acidopholis I have tried don't seem to help. I am at a loss and this has debilitated my life, and my passion for training.

A. You must change and clean your diet first as until you do, no supplement will be able to do it's job. You need to see your physician to check your sugar, insulin, enzymes, Vitamin B12, vitamin levels, food allergy testing as well as your TSH, T4 and T3 levels. I also recommend enzymes as candida is usually consistent with high carbohydrate intake. Therefore, eliminate all carbs in the form of grains, no shakes, or fruit juices, have only fruits. You must not overtrain so the body doesn't have a chance to recover as well as proper rest and sleep.

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