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How important is water when dieting

Posted by: PFB

Q. How important is it that I drink plenty of water when I'm dieting? Almost everyone I talk to says that drinking water is important but they don't tell me why. Is it because water fills you up so you're not hungry?

A. You're right about water filling you up. Unfortunately it doesn't last long and the hunger comes back pretty fast. So drinking water won't take the place of eating or even hold hunger off for any useful period of time.

Although it's not going to fill the hunger void taking in enough water every day is crucial for anyone trying to lose weight. Not only does water keep you properly hydrated but unlike what most people believe, drinking water can actually decrease fluid retention. That's because whenever you excrete water you also have to pull some sodium from your body and this results in less fluid buildup in the body.

But water does much more. It keeps the metabolism running smoothly and allows for the proper excretion of waste products. It also helps prevent constipation. For all these reasons it's doubly important in lower carb, high protein diet in that it allows the excretion of the extra byproducts of protein metabolism, and because of decreased food intake, helps keep you regular.

I usually recommend at least 8 glasses of water a day and even more if you're on the stricter diet.

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