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What exercises will help me get better at chin ups

Posted by: PFB

Q. Are there any supplemental exercises I can perform to increase the strength in the final portion of the chinning movement, from chin to upper chest? Thanks for your suggestion(s)

A. You should perform upper range partial chin-ups first in your workout. In other words, start at the top of the chin-up and lower yourself until your elbow joint is 90 degrees before returning to top position. This technique will overload the upper range before performing your full-range movements. Here is the routine:

The first number represents the eccentric (lowering) phase, the second number is a pause in the stretch position, the third number is the concentric (lifting) phase, the fourth number is a pause in the shortened position.

Perform this routine first in your workout since your energy levels and concentration will be highest. Repeat routine after 5 days of rest if all the soreness has diminished. Perform this routine 6 times before returning to full-range chin-ups.

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