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Hamstrings sore from deadlift and good mornings

Posted by: PFB

Q. Whenever I perform hip extension movements such as Romanian Dead Lifts or Good mornings I experience incredible DOMS in the following days in my hamstrings. This usually happens when using reps of 5 or less as higher volume and lower intensities do not cause the same problem. The soreness sometimes lasts up to 7 days and may be caused by performing as few as 3-4 sets. Other muscle groups don't experience the same thing. Could this be a result or a preponderance of one type of fiber type in the hams compared to a more even mixture in other bodyparts?

A. Good question, let me address the last part first. The hamstring musculature is predominately Type II fast-twitch (i.e., white) fiber dominate. Therefore, it would make sense that your soreness is greater in the hamstrings than other muscle groups which may have a greater percentage of Type I slow-twitch (i.e., red) fibers in your body. Anecdotal evidence seems to support a greater potential for soreness in muscle groups which have more explosive strength capabilities such as the Type II fast-twitch fibers. Why more soreness in the Type II fibers? Because they have the lowest blood supply.

Your soreness can be reduced by performing the following guidelines: 24-48 hours after your hamstring workout, perform the same movement for 2 sets of 25 repetitions. Choose a load that is easy for you to perform the 25 repetitions as you don't want any excess overload; only increased blood flow. This is an excellent technique that will flood the muscles with blood thus allowing for increased nutrient transfer and recovery.

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